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Beautiful Reports

Create beautiful highly personalised and consistent reports, increase client engagement, and enhance your corporate image.

Readers Love:

  • Plain English text
  • Concise paragraphs
  • Bullet points & tables
  • Automatic glossary & appropriate appendices

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Comprehensive Customisation

Because no two firms are the same, the ATEB system is designed to give you complete flexibility with regards your report content and branding.

You can use our suggestions, add your own content or try a combination for the best of both worlds.

Paraplanners love:

  • Style and branding application
  • Wide ranging content libraries
  • Template structures and personalisation prompts
  • Combining your own content

Integrated with leading third-parties

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Centralised Control

Imagine wanting to make an important change or compliance update, knowing that you can make the change immediately (subject to internal approvals) and it would be live within all reports generated thereafter, no matter the location of the report writer.  

ATEB Suitability allows content to be managed and ‘published’ to users from a centrally controlled point.

Compliance Professionals love:

  • Managing content
  • Process visibility
  • Changes go ‘live’ immediately
  • Mandating important areas
  • User based permissions
  • Automatic regulatory updates
  • Customisation of user guidance.

Save time whilst creating great reports

Taking back control of your report creation process can help you save time and work more efficiently

Compliance Confidence

All compliance related text is rigorously vetted by ATEB Compliance before implementation and any changes to rules and guidance is prompted by them. ATEB Compliance are well known to the FCA Investment, Wholesale & Specialists Division team. ATEB Compliance work with hundreds of regulatory firms across the UK and have undertaken numerous projects in conjunction with the FCA, for example, skilled person reviews and have also acted as expert witness for the FCA.

Business Owners love:

  • Explaining “why” rather than “what”
  • Content sign-off by compliance experts
  • Exclusive regulatory insight
  • Simplified report contents
  • Plain language outputs
  • Peace of mind

In the right hands

Want to know more about the team ensuring ATEB Suitability is always up to date?


We have a network of information and monitoring sources that includes our own horizon scanning and access to the ATEB Compliance team. Changes are made centrally so that when you wake up in the morning the reports you issue that day are updated without you having to do anything.

Business Owners love:

  • Understanding “why” rather than “what”
  • Content sign-off by compliance experts
  • Exclusive regulatory insight
  • Simplified report contents
  • Plain language outputs
  • Peace of mind

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Easy to Use

No installation, easy set up and whilst other systems have a clunky feel, ATEB provide a simple dynamic navigation system to guide the end user with extreme grace and flexibility.

Advisers and Paraplanners love:

  • ‘Out of the box’ simplicity
  • Navigate direct to screens
  • Drop down lists
  • Sentence finishers
  • Inspiration prompts
  • Assigning reports between users

ValidPath Case study

Streamline the process of creating suitability reports.

Discover how ValidPath, a renowned network supporting Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) throughout the UK, leverages ATEB Suitability’s comprehensive, customisable, and compliant software. By facilitating the seamless creation of suitability reports, promoting efficient workflows and ensuring regulatory adherence for member firms.

Fantastic Support

We understand that change can sometimes be daunting, which is why we are always on hand to help.  Our Product Specialists and Consultants provide first class training & support when you need it.

Advisers and Paraplanners love:

  • Regular (free) webinars
  • Bespoke onsite or remote training
  • Help text
  • Compliance tips
  • FAQ support portal
  • Blog updates
  • Telephone & email support
  • Video support

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What is your Role?

Find out how using ATEB Suitability could benefit you…

Adviser / Paraplanner

Benefits for the ‘Paraplanner or Adviser’

Users who use the the system primarily to write reports are generally provided the ‘Standard User’ role. Regardless of whether you are a Manager, Paraplanner or Adviser, if you are looking at the system from a ‘Standard User’ role perspective then you will love these benefits:

  • Simple ‘Out of the box’ solution
  • Dynamic wizards with personalisation prompts
  • Comprehensive customisation
  • Pre-selected options and paragraphs
  • Multi-product output
  • Reduced errors
  • Time and cost savings
  • Reduced re-keying with integrations
  • Expertise, help & FAQs

Main Features for the ‘Standard User’ Explained



Easy Navigation

The system allows the user to move freely between the screens via the left-hand menu in addition to next or previous page arrows.

Main Dashboard

Captures a combination of report and template information.

Reports Dashboard

Shows in-progress and completed reports.

Templates Dashboard

Captures your own individual templates along with company and ATEB examples.

‘Save in Progress’

Users can manually save work as they go however progress is automatically saved as users move from screen to screen.

Report Assignment

Handover draft reports between users so that different aspects can be completed by different individuals. This feature can also be used for supervisor checks.

Third party Data Integration

The Data Integration options enable you to link your ATEB Suitability user account to third-party systems to access data for use within your templates and reports.  This includes direct and automated access to leading Back Office providers Intelligent Office and Xplan.  Generated reports are automatically directed into your document storage facility.

Third party Content Integration

The Content Integration options enable users within your company to access content which has been supplied by third-party integration partners for use within your templates and reports. Includes links to various third-party data such as text, appendices, fund factsheets, Centralised Investment Propositions and Risk profiling descriptions.

Wizard Structure & Customisation

The Wizard is interactive and will vary the question prompts depending on what the user selects. Pre-populated data and prompts for new information combine to create a highly personalised report.  Parts of the wizard can be pre-selected with customised content for example the glossary ad risk warnings depending on what is being recommended.

Dynamic Templates

Templates are just a structure that allow you to repeat something in a more efficient manner.

Templates are supplied ‘Out of the box’ with the system or they can be built by the company.

Parts of the wizard can have content pre-selected; integrations and content libraries make it easy to include key information too. 


Do not confuse the term ‘template’ with ‘generic’ the latter is not good when it comes to confirming advice.  The ATEB dynamic templates provide lots of opportunity to personalise which is the overwhelming ‘trick’ to creating a compliant output.

Style Library

Create reports in your own house style and branding for example: sections, sub sections, appendices, bullets, tables, headers, footers, cover pages etc.

Content (Library) Management

This is where your company’s key solution content is created, edited, stored, and published. It is made available to the user from the wizard and includes:

  • Investment portfolio names and descriptions
  • In-house model portfolio information
  • Company or user paragraphs
  • Provider/Platform information
  • Risk profile details
  • Custom appendices

Contents Page Renumbering

Whatever the combination of products or report content the index page automatically renumbers.

Drop down Question Lists

Drop down question lists allow the user to choose the best option from many.

Sentence Finishers

Users can complete the sentence prompts and add their own words to create something personal to their client. ‘Sentence Finishers’ exist throughout the wizard.

‘Free Text’ boxes

Users can add their own words to create something personal to their client. ‘Free Text’ boxes exist throughout the wizard.

90 days Storage

In line with our role as data processor, all reports which are currently ‘In Progress’ or recently ‘Completed’ are stored for a period of 90 days. An unlimited number of completed reports can be saved.

Comprehensive Products Coverage

The system covers most retail products including protection, mortgage, investment, and retirement and the majority of business protection including keyman and shareholder protection.

Multi-product Reports

Reports can include multiple recommendations and combinations of advice sectors (for example protection and retirement).

Dynamic Chart Creation

The system dynamically creates portfolio and asset allocation charts for inclusion in reports.

Dynamic Calculations

The system includes various calculators throughout for example ‘Total amounts’ within tables and IHT calculations.


Benefits for the ‘Administrator’

The system provides a ‘Company Administrator’ role which enables a user to be responsible for setup and configuration. Regardless of whether you are a Manager, Paraplanner or Adviser, if you are looking at the system from an administrative role then you will love these configuration features:

  • Centrally driven content
  • Multi-level access
  • Cater for group structures
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to update
  • Hide/Mandate content
  • Create user guidance
  • Switch buttons
  • Import/upload facilities

Main Features for the ‘Administrator’ Explained



Add/remove users

As individuals come and go, they can be added and removed by ‘Company Administrators’.

Visibility Toggles

Surplus content can be hidden by ‘on/off switch’

Locked Content Buttons

Prevents users from altering content that the Company feels is important.

Mandated Content Buttons

Forces users to include content that the Company feels is important.

Import /Upload Buttons

Option to import bulk data (for example portfolio asset/fund data) from a CSV spreadsheet.

Customise User Guidance

The system gives the option to include company specific completion guidance prompts for example compliance notes for users.

Multi-Level User Permissions

‘Company Administrators’ can mandate base content to ‘Standard Users’. Depending on permissions the ‘Standard Users’ can then create their own content.

Company & ‘Your’ Templates

‘Standard Users’ can create their own templates which can be different to Company Templates.

Company & Standard Paragraphs

‘Standard Users’ can create their own paragraphs, and these can be different to Company paragraphs.

Drag and drop functionality

Content can be re-ordered and re-located for ease of access.

Group, AR, and Trading Style Structures

The system is configured for group, AR or trading styles structures using pre-built permissions hierarchy, style, and content libraries. Ability to publish similar and consistent content to various output styles and branding.

Duplicate/Copy Templates

Useful for creating a different template structure that is similar to an existing one without having to re-build.

Publish Content

The ‘Company Administrator’ can create, store and edit features such as Integrations, Libraries, Paragraphs, Templates and Risk Profiles and then publish to ‘Standard Users’.


Benefits for the ‘Compliance Manager’

For compliance managers the system offers additional risk management with centralised control over content. A great way to minimise future customer complaints and increase client engagement.

  • Personalised content
  • Clear language explanations
  • Repeatable process structures
  • Centralised and controlled output
  • Regular updates
  • Technically accurate
  • FCA rule book compliant
  • Security protection
  • Management information

Main Features for the ‘Compliance Manager’ Explained



Personalisation Prompts

Personalisation is what creates good compliance. Generic content should be avoided at all costs and this why we have included numerous prompts throughout the system to personalise the report.

Consistent Structure

The system offers report creation that is both consistent and comprehensive by using repeatable wizard structures and key prompts that require personalisation.

Content Control

The system publishes from a central point and so users only include content that has been approved.

Accurate Regulatory Content

Content is approved by compliance experts and has fully considered FCA principles and handbook rules.

Automatic Central Updates

A team of technical and regulatory specialists are constantly scanning to check for content updates.

Updates are made centrally which means that all reports issued will include the changes post update.

Security Protections

Hosted in a secure, dedicated and centrally managed environment.

Management Information

Management Information reports for compliance teams upon request.

Features Summary

We work in a professional industry that demands high standards. There are no shortcuts. A quality output takes time and due care to produce. Using the ATEB facility will allow you to produce high quality, highly professional reports, in a consistent manner and in a fraction of time it currently takes, here are some of the main features in summary:

  • Providing suitability software since 2007
  • Data integrations with Intelligent Office and Xplan
  • Content integrations with Dynamic Planner; Evalue and Clever Adviser
  • Descriptions of over 100 providers and fund managers
  • Descriptions of over 500 popular multi-asset funds and MPS model portfolios
  • Create your own content
  • Apply your company style
  • Create and save repeatable structures
  • Caters for multi-product recommendations
  • Includes ‘Reviews’ and ‘Aggregated Costs and Charges’ statements
  • Automatic legislative updates
  • Email or Telephone access to our dedicated support team
  • Regular free training webinars 

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