July 2019 Update

July 2019 Update

July 2019 Update

New Periodic Suitability Review Template

 Monday, 1st July 2019

We have completed the latest upgrade to ATEB suitability on 1st July 2019.

Details of the changes can be found in the table below, but the highlights are:

NEW Periodic Suitability Review Letter/Report Template

We have released a new, streamlined, end-to-end Periodic Suitability Review template, designed to assist firms in the production of their periodic review letters and reports in a fast, efficient and compliant manner (don't forget this must be done at least annually for clients with whom there is an ongoing relationship).

It enables users to review a client's current personal and financial circumstances, attitude to risk and investment objectives; alongside making any of the following types of recommendation/action in respect of the client's existing plans:

  • Fund Performance Review
  • Fund Switch
  • Bed and ISA
  • Lump Sum Investment/Contribution
  • Commence, amend or cease a Regular Investment/Contribution
  • Commence, amend or cease Investment Income

When used in conjunction with ATEB's integration with Intelligent Office, Periodic Review documents should be produced in a fraction of the time they currently take!

This new template does not replace the existing Continued Suitability Review letter, which can be used as a simple confirmation letter when there are no material changes to a client's circumstances.

If you are recommending the transfer or switch of an existing plan; or to commence, amend or cease income under an existing retirement plan, we recommend using the full Suitability Report template instead.

Report/Letter Style Customisations

For those firms who have existing Report and/or Letter Style Customisations, no further action is required as your custom styles have automatically been applied to the new templates.

For those firms who have not yet taken advantage of this service please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to see how we can incorporate your brand into the look and feel of your ATEB reports/letters.

As a reminder, Zenith licence subscribers are entitled to create their own style for the report/letters at no extra charge. This includes changing fonts (style, size and colour), tables (border, text and fill colours), custom report cover page (including images), page margins, headers and footers. If you would like to supply us a copy of a sample report and/or letter in MS Word document format which highlights the exact changes you would like to make we can implement these for you. Please also include any images you have used separately in .png/.jpg format.

Major Application Enhancements

Change at a glance



Addition of 2 new core templates to accommodate for Periodic Suitability Reviews.

Create a New Report → Select Type: Periodic Suitability Review Report / Periodic Suitability Review Letter → Start Report 


The new templates provide a streamlined framework to assist firms in the production of client Period Suitability Reviews.

Please also see our collection of 'how to' guides, articles and hints/tips via an FAQ which is available now on our Help & Support Portal.

Our support team are available 9am - 5pm / Mon - Fri to answer any further questions you may have support@atebsuitability.co.uk / 0191 338 8177.

Many thanks for your continued use of ATEB suitability.

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