2017/18 Tax Year Changes

2017/18 Tax Year Changes

2017/18 Tax Year Changes

 Thursday, 6th April 2017

In consideration of the 2017/18 Tax Year, please note the following changes to ATEB suitability for your records.

Effective from midnight 6th April 2017

Updated Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA) throughout the Retirement Advice section.

Glossary of Terms Appendix has been given a spring clean with updated text throughout to ensure relevance.

Key revised definitions in the Glossary of Terms relating to the 2017/18 Tax Year are:

Investment Advice

 - Individual Savings Accounts (ISA);
 - Junior Individual Savings Accounts (Junior ISA);
 - Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts (LISA).

Retirement Advice

 - Annual Allowance (Limits and Charge);
 - Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA).

We have a number of other changes which are being rolled out over the evening of 7th April 2017 and a further blog post will contain the full details of these changes shortly.  Some of the highlights to look out for:

 - Auto Save Functionality;
 - New Sample Template Area;
 - Multiple Mortgage Recommendation Facility;
 - Addition of Lifetime ISA.

More information available here.

Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts (LISA)

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