Save Time & Money

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Creating and maintaining your own suitability report templates to an acceptable regulatory standard is complex, time consuming and costly; using ATEB alleviates the burden (and cost).

  • Reduce production time

    The wizard dynamically removes or adds relevant content quickly with no need to format the output each time resulting in average production time being reduced and ultimately leading to savings.

  • Reduce mistakes

    You only input content that is relevant to the advice, this way you avoid making reference to Mrs Smith when you are actually writing to Mr Jones!

  • Integrates easily with other systems

    ATEB suitability integrates easily with other line of business systems reducing the need to re-key information.

  • Content outsourced to specialists
  • Technology outsourced to specialists
  • Centralised editing feature promotes positive FCA systems and controls
  • Data integrations removes need to re-key
  • Pay as you grow; only pay for licences that you need
  • Greater central control reduces mistakes and erroneous outputs


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