Compliance Approved

Considered & Researched

You can be reassured that the suitability report software, content and format has been very carefully considered and researched by a compliance consultancy that has undertaken numerous Section 166 Skilled Person reviews on behalf of the FCA

  • Centralised and Controlled Access

    Central web access avoids duplication of templates and inconsistency within firms.

  • Help text includes 'Compliance Tips'

    The system has help text throughout to aid the user however we have also included the occasional 'Compliance tip' within the help text.

  • Designed to work alongside other compliance related documents

    The suitability report content has been designed to work alongside other documents such as generic reports, research and analysis tools.

  • Built by UK leading Compliance specialists ATEB consulting.
  • Incorporates FCA good practice feedback, rules and guidance.
  • RDR compliant output.
  • Simple report layout including summaries, short non-technical paragraphs, dynamic numbering and contents page.
  • Encourages personalisation.
  • Highly secure data transfer delivery and storage.

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