Copying and pasting previous suitability reports is asking for trouble

 Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

As we reach the nether regions of the alphabet, the letters get correspondingly trickier. We have therefore called on the finest literary brains in the country (or at least the north-east) to provide you with some quick-fire V – Z’s.

V is for Verbatim, which comes from the Latin ‘verbum’ (word) and meaning “in exactly the same words as were used originally”.

To bring this into context, think ‘copy and paste’, a sure fire way of referring to Jane as Bill, and him as her. Copying and pasting previous reports as the basis for a new one, is asking for trouble.

Instead, why not use the ATEB Suitability ‘Favourites’ option which allows you to store repeatedly used reports (e.g. ISA) with all the core, standard text (your firm, your adviser, etc) and simply use the report wizard to enter the client specific details.

For more information, please visit the ATEB suitability help videos.

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