Additional Upgrades - October 2020

Additional Upgrades - October 2020

Additional Upgrades - October 2020

Abridged Advice Report Tweaks & New Provider Text

 Monday, 12th October 2020

We completed the latest upgrade to ATEB Suitability on 11th October 2020.

Following initial client feedback we have made a few small tweaks to our Defined Benefit Transfer ‘Abridged Advice Report’. These updates include:

  • A reformatted Abridged Advice Summary page;
  • Dynamic Planner and EValue supporting text;
  • Expansion of our ‘Conclusion’ text to prompt users for further personalisation when the advice outcome is ‘Insufficient information to make a recommendation’.

Please don't forget, for more information on PS20/06 please read our sister firm ATEB Consulting's articles here:

In addition to the changes above we have added descriptive text for the following providers within Content Management:

  • Phoenix Wealth
  • The Mortgage Works
  • BMO
  • VitalityInvest
  • BlackRock

Our colleagues at ATEB Consulting have also provided revised wording for their own Risk Profile descriptions which have now been updated via the ATEB Suitability Content Integration.

Please see our collection of 'how to' guides, articles and hints/tips via our FAQs which are available now on our Help & Support Portal.

Our support team are available 9am - 5pm / Mon - Fri to answer any further questions you may have / 0191 338 8177.

Many thanks

ATEB suitability Customer Support


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