Why Choose ATEB suitability?

  • Written by experts

    Our FCA compliant suitability reports are compiled by independent compliance specialist ATEB consulting who have undertaken numerous Section 166 Skilled Person reviews on behalf of the FCA.  Their expertise, combined with leading edge technology, facilitates a revolutionary approach to report writing.

  • Compliant approach

    ATEB's focus is on TCF friendly output, RDR relevant content, appendices, summaries, regular headings and smaller paragraphs AND we say ‘No’ to bulky generic paragraphs. The ATEB system encourages linking between product features and client’s circumstances and introduces phrases such as “because you are ….” and not “if you are ....”

  • Smarter and cost effective

    ATEB take care of all the budget and legislative updates so that it’s easy to delegate report writing to sales support freeing up adviser time. As such significant cost savings in production and update time have already been demonstrated.   

  • Multi-product report generator

    ATEB suitability reports cater for any financial planning combination; for example: Pension, Investment, Mortgage or Protection. It adapts to your requirements and is designed to work alongside other documents such as TVAS, Gap Analysis and Retirement Options.

  • Comprehensive tool

    Choose from a comprehensive selection of text and paragraphs and then add your own personalised content. Let the wizard dynamically change the report content and create templates that are unique to your firm.

  • Look and feel customisation

    ATEB suitability provides you complete customisation allowing your fonts, styles and logos to be added.

Why Choose ATEB suitability?

“We work in a professional industry that demands high standards. There are no shortcuts. A quality output takes time and due care to produce. Using the ATEB facility will allow you to produce high quality, highly professional reports, in a consistent manner and in a fraction of time it currently takes.”

Steve Bailey

ATEB Director

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